We blend film, research and participatory techniques in a number of ways to provide a wide range of services. We are always experimenting and developing our services and welcome new challenges.


Mud & Thunder delivers small scale research and evaluation projects using mixed methods, creative methodologies, co-production research techniques, action research, and specialises in in-depth interviewing techniques.

We also work collaboratively with other organisations to deliver larger scale programmes of research.


Our distinctive approach involves using a film camera or audio recorder and thematic analysis techniques to capture the voices of stakeholders in a representative and engaging way for the purposes of creating a digital record for everyone involved in the decision-making process.

We also offer community listening techniques as an aid to a consultation process that has inclusivity at its core.


We recognise that stories play a crucial role in human culture. We also recognise that storytelling is complex and is compounded by multiple perspectives and even multiple versions. We apply this understanding in the way we design and carry-out documentary film-making, case studies, multi-media storytelling (which can include photography, film and writing), and constructive news approaches.


We use a range of listening techniques to give individuals in any setting an opportunity to be listened to. This can be a great way to prepare event participants, customers, staff or patients for upcoming tasks that require clear thinking.

You can read about our community listening project, Listening For a Change, to get a more detailed understanding of our rationale and methods.



We are CAA certified and fully insured to fly our drone, which we use for our filming projects and to capture raw footage for our clients.

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