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Cam Elizabeth


Producer, Researcher and Writer // BA History of Art and MSc Social Science Research Methods

Cam has forever been drawn to the human story. Her experience in social research lends greater depth to the stories we tell at Mud and Thunder, specialising in particular in co-productive ways of working and community network building. Cam is also a CAA approved drone operator.

Mike Erskine

Mike pro.jpg

Filmmaker & Photographer // MSc Sustainable Development

Mike has made films and digital content for clients all across the UK and internationally including documentary and short promotional films. He specialises in making short online videos that help organisations connect with audiences and highlight key messages to create impact.



Mud and Thunder combines digital storytelling and social research techniques to understand and reach the rich and complex stories of people. We are filmmakers, writers, researchers and listeners. Over the past 10 years we’ve created films, photography and written content including articles and social media for organisations all over the UK. Our previous work includes communication support for Monmouthshire County Council’s Food Partnership, video production for Cardiff University and Brecon Beacons National Park, community storytelling with Welcome to our Woods and working with a range of small businesses and social enterprises.


Our approach is community centred and compassionate. We know how important it is to involve people in the telling of their own stories. We also know that the work of community and movement building is strengthened by giving voice to community members.

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